In the last few years devastating wildfires have ripped through popular areas of California, including Sonoma and Napa wine country and Malibu, leaving total destruction of towns, displacement of thousands of residents, and over 100+ people lost their lives.


With dramatic and inflammatory headlines seen across international media, tourism to these areas was severely affected. Black Diamond was tasked with creating a real-time and short-term recovery PR campaign.

Black Diamond has been quick to react in crisis situations and provide much needed support for areas affected by issues such as fires, floods, temporary closures, and most recently, overtourism.


We created a detailed crisis matrix to assess negative coverage and monitor both the immediate and long-term impact upon tourism and consumer sentiment. Daily news briefings were provided to trade and media partners, as well as the U.S Embassy, enabling an efficient dissemination of reliable information to help balance the media narrative. Where appropriate statements were issued and media interviews arranged. All media and trade FAMS to the affected areas were postponed.


The trade and PR teams developed UK tourism action plans and recovery strategies which included new product development, recovery media trips, high-level broadcast activity and a paid digital campaign.


15+ ‘recovery’ media visits with positive coverage across B2C and B2B media


Tour operator partnership to create new itineraries to affected areas


Digital campaign to promote travel – Influencer partnerships, paid social adverts, dedicated e-newsletter and podcast activity


Broadcast activity with focus on wine country recovery