Always on the lookout for the next editorial opportunity, our team create inspirational coverage, entice media and help distribute content widely. From monitoring the latest media platforms, to reviewing rising broadcast and podcast opportunities, we instigate regular planning sessions with our clients to ensure our ‘always on’ policy follows a strategic and integrated communications approach. Writing breaking-news press releases, themed newsletters and reporting on the latest market, media and social trends is part and parcel of our everyday account management and used to actively inform our ongoing activities.
Crafting the right story generating awareness and conversion.

Black Diamond is a trusted voice within the UK and Ireland media landscape and experts in telling your story through PR, social media and marketing communications. Our ability to drive the media agenda from business and aviation to travel and culinary is evident from our awards, results and the longevity of our client partners.


Working seamlessly with national and broadcast travel editors, domestic and international freelancers, TV producers and digital influencers, we manage the day-to-day press office operations, including media outreach, corporate and crisis communications, editorial meetings, creating and maintaining press kits, facilitating press trips, creating impactful campaigns.


Our ability to find a creative story angle ensures valuable media coverage for our clients and in helps provide readers with compelling reasons to travel. Our press relations strategies not only ensure our clients receive maximum coverage but that it is strategically aligned to clients needs. WE are but also create a network of ambassadors within the travel industry and digital media.

We understand B2B communications is vital for business growth and engaging with customers, potential customers, stakeholders and investors starts from within.

Engaging with B2B audiences for maximum business growth
Harnessing the power of influence

Playing an ever increasing role in story-telling, influencers not only provide brand amplification, create content and engagement but also drive revenue.


We strategically identify the right content creators and influencers that create campaigns with authenticity and impact. Separating the micro from the macro, we work with experts in their craft with varied audiences, including photographers, chefs, artists and musicians and our collaborative approach to influencer campaigns and partnerships ensure that the content is not only authentic but can be reused across channels.


Our experience ranges from implementing influencer programmes and creating destination partnerships, to programming influencer speakers series and workshops.

TV is far from dead but it is changing at a faster rate than ever before. Our background in production and commissioning means we are no stranger to placing brands on the box, close relationships with production houses mean that we can showcase our clients through culture, gastronomy, wildlife and history.


Throughout our history we have developed successful TV formats, produced our own shows and worked to get clients exposure on some of the UK’s best loved programming. We have worked with Hollywood A-listers, high-profile UK chefs and adventurers on road-trips around the world. New streaming services and the endless demand for exciting shows only create more and more opportunities.


We also live in a golden age of audio. Radio and podcasts are a great way of reaching specific interest groups and telling stories in a more intimate way cost effectively. We have facilitated several partnerships with national, regional and niche radio stations and podcasts.

Inspiring stories through armchair travel
Diffusing negative noise and controlling a crisis

Should the worst happen you need a partner with cool heads, experience and tried and tested processes. Providing much needed support and ongoing counsel for areas affected by issues such as fires, floods, earthquakes, temporary closures, over-tourism, ​and most recently, a global pandemic our team responds quickly and calmly on our clients behalf.


We monitor destination coverage, competitor messaging, hold media briefings, develop and review action plans, disseminating content to media and organising timely recovery press trips.

In this digital age gaining coverage isn’t enough, putting it to use to drive new leads and help your customers find you online is vital. Our integrated creative and digital department helps accelerate digital reach and turn compelling stories into commercially savvy content and digital PR campaigns.


We can spread stories across social media, display advertising, influencer partnerships all driving SEO. We bring our skills across web design, performance and analytics and interactive training platforms to modern and effective PR.

Amplifying reach through multiple touchpoints