There’s a dizzying array or travel sellers and distributers in the UK catering to every taste and type of traveller. New technologies are bringing more entrants and disrupters into the market. Our experienced team of travel trade specialists work with them all.
Expanding reach through targeted co-ops

We have pioneered new partnership models for clients and are increasingly able to look beyond traditional trade marketing partnerships to deliver CPA models and develop digital marketing programmes which deliver new leads and expand reach for client and distributer alike, whether they are an OTA, an airline a traditional operator or a travel agent.

For many tourism businesses gaining access to the best distribution platforms and sales channels is hard. Similarly, the best travel sellers are hungry for new and exciting hotels and experiences that their customers crave.We are experts at helping the trade get to customers be that via traditional sales techniques or new digital distribution models.


We always start by creating an exhaustive inventory of all trade partner products to identify gaps in existing programmes and create opportunities with new trade partners.​

Putting product on the map
If they don't know about it, how can they sell it?

With the rapid ‘zoomification’ of our business lives our team is shifting the way in which we engage with the travel trade. Black Diamond’s own award-winning Mogul training and engagement platform developed a hybrid education models long before video conferencing became the norm.


Agent training is at the forefront of development, whether virtual, in an office or at events we use the latest learning modalities to create effective educational content that brings destinations to life.​ To support this, we drive programme development through agent FAMs that drive sales and create a network destination ambassadors. ​

From launching new organisations like Brand USA to the world to intimate CEO missions and immersive agent shows Black Diamond’s creative approach to events always stand out and are well attended in a cluttered calendar.


Each event we organise is unique with tailored formats to ensure our client’s goals are met. Exciting content, beautiful design and extreme attention to detail in the newest spaces is a huge part of this and Black Diamond’s destination clients can confidently offer participation to key stakeholders knowing a strong ROI will be delivered.

Bringing brands to life in inspiring spaces