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No.1 Rosemary Water


Entrepreneur David Spencer-Percival and his partner, Bonita, read a newspaper article expounding the health and longevity benefits of the herb rosemary. It specifically singled out the town of Accioroli in Italy, where at least one in ten people live to the age of 100, largely due to the quantity of this herb in their diet. They set up a company to extract the beneficial compounds from the plant and bottle it for sale.

This, in turn, caught the attention of actor, Henry Cavill ('Superman' and 'The Witcher') and together a plan was hatched for the group to travel to Italy to film an informative video featuring Henry learning more about the product. The film was directed by Russ Malkin (director of the Ewan McGregor / Charley Boorman series’ Long Way Round and Long Way Down) and edited and post produced at Black Diamond’s in-house facility.