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Marriott 'A Taste of Sun'


Marriott Bonvoy Hotels wanted to build brand awareness via video content on social media channels, but without forcing the branding. The videos were given a culinary experiencial theme, featuring a chef and hotel guest. Each video showcased local delicacies, ingredients and establishments both outside of the hotel - as well as in the property itself. The resulting creative instilling in the viewer the desire to undertake these experiences themselves.

Black Diamond provided a small, mobile film crew and in-house post production to complete the five minute videos, a full set of cut-downs for social channels and an additional three short videos for each of the destinations featuring local recipes.

The first series of four destinations titled 'A Taste of Sun' (shooting in Barcelona, Sardinia, Athens and Bodrum) was so successful that BD were invited to produce a second series 'A Taste of Good Travel' in a similar mould shooting in Tel Aviv, Venice, Munich, Warsaw, Paris and London.