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Analysis of trade brochures has long been one of the cornerstones of measurement for the travel trade. Traditionally it is a time consuming, decentralized process that results in each trade market completing ad hoc reports each year.

We recognised the potential for producing an online application that would allow each market to upload their brochure analysis data into a single system, allowing reports to be compared by market and year-on-year.

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What we did

As this was a totally new concept, we undertook research with both travel trade teams around the world and with destination clients to better understand their different issues and requirements. Using wireframe prototypes and illustrations of information architecture, we worked closely with the industry to develop a tool that combines a simple yet effective interface and robust front-end and reporting features.

Results and outcomes

The brochure analysis app has now been successfully operating for over three years, and has encouraged and achieved continuity of reporting across all markets.

We are now planning for a second phase to this project, allowing for both online and offline brochures to be automatically scraped and analysed into a single data set for each market. As a larger percentage of trade brochures migrate online, this new development future-proofs the concept of brochure analysis.

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