Tahiti Tourisme Annual Conference

From Monday 2nd to Friday 6th September Black Diamond attended the Tahiti Tourisme Annual Conference. The global conference aims to discuss what work has been done to promote tourism in Tahiti, as well as explore what future plans are being put into place to continue encouraging people to travel to the gorgeous Tahitian Islands. The conference was incredibly insightful, Black Diamond learnt more about the 2020 Global Campaign and other Tahiti Tourisme projects. On day two, guests of the conference were treated to an opening ceremony at the Grand Théâtre de la Maison de la Culture, Te Fare Tahiti Nui. Throughout the day guests heard a number of presentations from various important figures; Julien Vucher-Visin gave figures from the first semester 2019 of tourism in French Polynesia, Vaima Deniel presented flagship actions that have occurred from local operations, Vaihere Lissant spoke about the upcoming marketing projects for 2020, Mario Hardy spoke about the principle tendencies of travellers in Asia and Gina Bunton spoke about the global strategic axes and actions for 2020 tourism.